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made by hand, drawn from life
Hardwick Hall
Santolini Hardwick Hall
Wild Grass

This has been a very chaotic Summer. I’m sure all Summers feel the same when routines are suspended and work is interrupted. Between childcare and family events I have had very little time to get on with work. So it is a good time to fill in with other things.

I have started a project with a creative friend and fellow ceramic artist Debbie Barber . We are visiting gardens that we love, taking pictures and drawing what we see. This month we visited Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. It is an Elizabethan Hall with Formal and informal gardens, a great Herb Garden and, if you pick the right day , some fantastic Tapestries inside.

I have collected sketches and photos and I hope to make more work from these.The thing which fascinates most is the interface between formal and constructed things that people have built and the soft chaotic feel of natures planning. The battlefield which exists between these two things is always adapting, negotiating and occasionally collaborating. I cant wait to see where it takes me.

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