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Garden Visits

This has been a very chaotic Summer. I’m sure all Summers feel the same when routines are suspended and work is interrupted. Between childcare and family events I have had very little time to get on with work. So it is a good time to fill in with other things. I have started a project […]


making frogs

I often make pots with frog decorations on them. The design comes from drawings I have made sitting by the pond in the spring. I love the way that frogs float with their arms and legs outstretched, suspended in the weeds. I impress circles with the end of a wooden spoon to mark on frog […]



   Finally the sun is shining into the windows of my very dingy cave of a studio. It is warm enough to work without a coat on!! I love the summer here because it is cool and bright, but the winter is so oppressive. The clay doesn’t dry and my fingers freeze. I am finding […]


political pottery

Pottery is often used to express political positions. As a slogan on a mug, or in a more subtle use of material and decorative form to express social allegiance. Porcelain for example,has been associated with upper class power and money. It is expensive to produce and requires high firing methods. The material secrets where closely […]


Ursula VonRydingsvard

  This week I visited a fantasticly tactile exhibition at Yorkshire sculpture park of sculpture made by Ursula Von Rydingsvard. There were monumental vessels and columns made from deeply carved cedar wood  and huge canvases of sewn together cow intestines and banana paper, all marked and scored with graphite and a circular saw.    



    Yesterday I had a conversation with a gallery about the colour of work.


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To book a lesson with Mary Johnson you can find out more information here. Taster and four week courses for all abilities are available.  


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