Mary Johnson Ceramics

made by hand, drawn from life

BCTFHarrogate 2018

small,med and large bugs jugsDecluttering the mind for a trade show.

Preparing for a trade show is a hard thing. I know that I need to be clear about what I will sell in the coming year. I must put forward a clean and organised store, but it feels a bit like decluttering my cupboards.

I really quite like my clutter. I have pared down my range and limited my pallet. I have aimed for consistency and cohesion but chaos and corruption keep bursting out at the seams. Sometimes it is important to clear away the distractions and focus on the core ideas but maybe in doing so am I missing a vital point.

A visit to a beautifully curated show can be inspiring and provide insight, but a trip to the junkyard to rummage amongst the piles of lost or forgotten things can also inspire and provides food for a curious mind.

The answer is to rummage through and ruthlessly select what to display.

So it’s back  into the cupboard with a hammer this morning to select.



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